Why choose an Enomatic?


Consistent quality over time
Thanks to the nitrogen protection system, the wine does not undergo any process of oxidation and maintains its organoleptic characteristics for more than three weeks.


Enomatic® is the world leader in wine serving and preservation technology with the most advanced wine dispensers available on the market.

Founded in 2002 and present in the US since 2003, Enomatic® is the inventor of the self-serve wine dispenser and the modern automated wine preservation. Its award-winning technology has revolutionized wine programs around the world, across the entire hospitality industry.

Whether used at a bar, restaurant, hotel lobby or a country club, Enomatic Wine Dispensers offer many benefits to give the best wine tasting experience to your guests while generating more revenue!

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Advantages for Consumers

  • Availability to try new options

  • Pay only for what they consume

  • Elimination of waste

Advantages for Dispenser Owners

  • Increased Profit

  • Elimination of Waste

  • Reduces Inventory Loss

  • Increased Wine Sales